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Greatest Puppy Ever

We recently got Pluto from Companions Forever, & he is the BEST puppy! He is so calm, well-behaved, extremely loving with all people & dogs, smart, & doing great with potty training. Everyone who meets him has fallen in love with him. He’s very special & one in a million!


Our precious Tilly Rose

We are truly blessed to have our Maltese puppy Tilly Rose as our precious fur baby, We want to express our utmost gratitude to Devon and the wonderful people at Companions Forever, for making our dreams come true. Their facility is pristine clean, and state of the art, sitting in a beautiful tranquil country setting. We will highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking a healthy, wonderful, loving puppy to become a member of their family.

Rhonda Ellis

Very Professional

I had been searching for a boxer puppy for a long time. I, unfortunately, came across a lot of scammers before I came across Companions Forever. They are professional, caring, honest, and easy to work with. They provided me with all the information I asked for videos and pictures. They even delivered her to my door…Indiana to NY. We have now had our boxer, Stella, for 4 weeks. She is amazing! She is healthy, friendly, and loving. I could have not gotten a better dog. I highly recommend Companions Forever.

K Torq

Amazing service!

Everyone was super nice and very helpful! Everything went smoothly and it was so nice and clean! Our boxer is beautiful and happy! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Colin Burton

Very Impressed

We adopted a very handsome Pomsky named Captain. The family at Companions Forever LLC was a delight to do business with. We traveled over 5 hours to adopt our Pomsky and were very impressed when we arrived. The facilities are absolutely top-notch. It is a family operation and the entire experience was very comfortable. Documentation and records are very detailed. Puppy starter kit and microchipped. We are very pleased with our new family member Captain! Thank You Companions Forever LLC.

Robert Ellis

Highly Recommend

There is nothing not to love about this place. I found a French Bulldog they had and I fell in love with him, it was a bit longer process due to unpredictable things, however, Shanell and Devon are outstanding. Shanell is very responsive. They will take great care of you and they are very understanding. We will be back to see them for another Frenchie down the road. 10/10 would recommend them. Not to mention, the floors are heated, it is very clean and well maintained!!!!!!!

Kylee Finch

Outstanding People

Outstanding service by Devon, the puppies appear well-kept. The Cavalier King Charles spaniel that joined our family is a delight. The info package accompanying our puppy is thorough and informative. I would do this again. Highly recommend Companions Forever!

Franco Tanzi

Very Helpful

I have been looking for a puppy for a while. This Companions Forever is great. The facility is so clean. The dogs and puppies are very well taken care of. The people are so helpful. We got our puppy and we couldn’t be happier. He is such a joy. I will recommend this place to everyone. Thank you so much For letting us find Scout AKA Leo lol

Diana Laporte

Very Responsive

We were looking to expand our family. Perfect timing I found Companions Forever. They were and continue to be amazing. Our baby is now 5.5 months old and we could not be happier.

Leah Richardson

Great People

We absolutely adore our Pomeranian from Companions Forever! Our puppy is now seven months old and doing great. They answered all of our questions and sent us home with everything we needed to take care of her. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a puppy from a breeder.

Auriel Jones

Great People

I recently found my forever puppy at Companions Forever LLC. I found the kennel clean and the dogs all healthy and happy. My puppy’s name was Jasper, and he and I are constant companions. He received a clean bill of health from my vet and we are working on potty training. Thank you so much for Jasper.

Pheebe Monroe

Amazing People

I’ve waited 10 months to write my review and experience. The reason for this is within the 10 months if there was a health/genetic issue it would have most likely happened.
I got my Pomeranian Jethro (originally named Chase) he was 2 months old and under 2 pounds. Since I had previously had a Pomeranian that was that small before I understood the extras he would require till he gained weight. If I hadn’t known how to take care of them they were going to wait till he was over 2 pounds.
The first thing I saw when I got to Companions Forever was his children playing with the puppies and how clean the kennel area was. They were honest and told me that Jethro (aka Chase) had a slight cough and none of the other dogs did so they didn’t think it was kennel cough. I was given the option of leaving him there till the cough was gone or I could take him home with me. Since it was a long drive there I opted to bring Jethro (aka Chase) home with me.
Since he had a cough I asked if they could modify the purchase agreement to include a statement that the puppy would be taken to the vet and if there was a life-threatening issue I could return him. When I took him to the vet they said he didn’t have a cough any longer and it was most likely a one-time thing.
The vet said Jethro (aka Chase) was in excellent health and they didn’t see any health issues.
Jethro (aka Chase) is one year old now and weighs 5 lbs and rules the house. He is the most loving, happy puppy that loves to chase bubbles, play with the cat, and car rides.
The most amazing thing about Jethro (Chase) is the fact he is able to alert us when my daughter is about to or having a seizure. If she is having a seizure he will jump on her chest to try and stop the seizure and will then lay on her till she is awake. When she is about to have a seizure Jethro
will nip at her and when she sits down jump on her shoulder to try and make her lie down. The amazing thing about this is alerting on seizures cannot
be taught to dogs.
Would I purchase another puppy from Companions Forever? Absolutely! Jethro (aka Chase) is healthy, smart (almost too smart for his own good), and a part of your family. I tell anyone who is looking to get a new family member to contact Companions Forever. I rate Companions Forever the highest score possible.

Jeannie Gregg

Can’t Say Enough

I had a Shih Tzu my entire teenage and adult life. I recently lost him at 16 years old. My pomeranian, cat, husband, and I were devastated. We knew he wouldn’t live forever, no matter how much we wanted him to. While we knew we couldn’t replace him, we are a two-dog family and always knew when the time came, we’d want to add another dog. I scoured the internet looking for a puppy. Buying a puppy is exciting, but also stressful. We decided to come to look at a puppy listed. We fell in love. I cannot say enough good things about the facility and staff. It was very clean, but most importantly, it had healthy, happy dogs and puppies. They were social, clean, and truly wonderful. We were beyond impressed. We wanted to support an ethical breeder and I truly feel I did. I read every review, every article. I’m very glad I went to the facility. I talked with Devon and Shanell. They were patient, and kind, and took great pride in their work. When I arrived to get my puppy, they explained everything, gave me a ton of information, let me pick out a toy, and provided me with treats and a sample of the food. The stuff they provided was very high quality. Devon’s sons had some puppies out and were playing with them. Shanell was so kind with all of my texts, questions, and concerns. She worked with my schedule as I was coming from out of town. My new puppy seemed right at home, a testament to how well-socialized they are. We cannot thank them enough. I feel confident recommending them to anyone.

Chloe Vetter

Friendly & Honest

I recently went with my aunt to pick up a puppy from Companions Forever and the service was impeccable. Very friendly and honest people. The dogs are well taken care of with their well-being as a priority. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for trustworthy and quality service.

Hannah Reid

Amazing People

I was extremely nervous about adopting a pet from a breeder because I had heard a lot of horror stories and was afraid that I’d be taken advantage of. However, this was the exact opposite They video-called us, showed us the puppy, and allowed us to make payments. Companions Forever were honest, patient, forthcoming, and friendly, and answered all 100 of my questions. When we picked up our bundle of joy they gave us a collar, leash, toy, blanket, kennel, food, and a health guarantee! He was also microchipped and his vaccines were up to date. I am so pleased with them and would love to adopt them in the future. We are so in love with our pup and grateful to have been blessed with such great breeders who loved him as much as we do. Our pup is healthy and happy. ;).

Kira J

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