Can’t Say Enough

I had a Shih Tzu my entire teenage and adult life. I recently lost him at 16 years old. My pomeranian, cat, husband, and I were devastated. We knew he wouldn’t live forever, no matter how much we wanted him to. While we knew we couldn’t replace him, we are a two-dog family and always knew when the time came, we’d want to add another dog. I scoured the internet looking for a puppy. Buying a puppy is exciting, but also stressful. We decided to come to look at a puppy listed. We fell in love. I cannot say enough good things about the facility and staff. It was very clean, but most importantly, it had healthy, happy dogs and puppies. They were social, clean, and truly wonderful. We were beyond impressed. We wanted to support an ethical breeder and I truly feel I did. I read every review, every article. I’m very glad I went to the facility. I talked with Devon and Shanell. They were patient, and kind, and took great pride in their work. When I arrived to get my puppy, they explained everything, gave me a ton of information, let me pick out a toy, and provided me with treats and a sample of the food. The stuff they provided was very high quality. Devon’s sons had some puppies out and were playing with them. Shanell was so kind with all of my texts, questions, and concerns. She worked with my schedule as I was coming from out of town. My new puppy seemed right at home, a testament to how well-socialized they are. We cannot thank them enough. I feel confident recommending them to anyone.

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