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I’ve waited 10 months to write my review and experience. The reason for this is within the 10 months if there was a health/genetic issue it would have most likely happened.
I got my Pomeranian Jethro (originally named Chase) he was 2 months old and under 2 pounds. Since I had previously had a Pomeranian that was that small before I understood the extras he would require till he gained weight. If I hadn’t known how to take care of them they were going to wait till he was over 2 pounds.
The first thing I saw when I got to Companions Forever was his children playing with the puppies and how clean the kennel area was. They were honest and told me that Jethro (aka Chase) had a slight cough and none of the other dogs did so they didn’t think it was kennel cough. I was given the option of leaving him there till the cough was gone or I could take him home with me. Since it was a long drive there I opted to bring Jethro (aka Chase) home with me.
Since he had a cough I asked if they could modify the purchase agreement to include a statement that the puppy would be taken to the vet and if there was a life-threatening issue I could return him. When I took him to the vet they said he didn’t have a cough any longer and it was most likely a one-time thing.
The vet said Jethro (aka Chase) was in excellent health and they didn’t see any health issues.
Jethro (aka Chase) is one year old now and weighs 5 lbs and rules the house. He is the most loving, happy puppy that loves to chase bubbles, play with the cat, and car rides.
The most amazing thing about Jethro (Chase) is the fact he is able to alert us when my daughter is about to or having a seizure. If she is having a seizure he will jump on her chest to try and stop the seizure and will then lay on her till she is awake. When she is about to have a seizure Jethro
will nip at her and when she sits down jump on her shoulder to try and make her lie down. The amazing thing about this is alerting on seizures cannot
be taught to dogs.
Would I purchase another puppy from Companions Forever? Absolutely! Jethro (aka Chase) is healthy, smart (almost too smart for his own good), and a part of your family. I tell anyone who is looking to get a new family member to contact Companions Forever. I rate Companions Forever the highest score possible.

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